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Month: January 2022

Indoor Robotics’ Tando™ Drone watches Nestle’s snacks

Nestle will use Indoor Robotics’ Tando™ autonomous drone in a warehouse in Kiryat Gat, Israel to make sure that no crate of Bamba falls from the high shelves. 

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Why Automated Security Robots are the Next Big Thing

Robots as security guards may sound like something out of a Science-Fiction movie, but recent developments in technology have made this once futuristic idea a reality.

In fact, reports predict that the Global Security Robots Market, estimated to be valued at $2.27B in 2022, will continue to grow exponentially in the coming years, suggesting that Automated Security Robots are here to stay.

So what exactly are Automated Security Robots and what part can they play in protecting your business? Let’s find out.

What Are Automated Security Robots?

Automated Security Robots (ASR) are autonomous machines (ground-based or flying) that are primarily used to enhance the safety and security of various spaces through surveillance and monitoring.

They combine self-navigation with visual and thermal imaging to collect and analyze data while patrolling indoor and outdoor spaces. The data goes back to a central control hub in real-time which uses artificial intelligence to assess and report any credible threats or safety risks.

ASRs make ideal security patrol robots because:

  • They never sleep – they are always on, they can’t get sick and they don’t need to stop for snacks
  • They’re always watching – they vigilantly monitor and inspect, protecting your property from potential security and safety threats
  • They act as a deterrent – a robot fleet is an effective visible deterrent, reducing the likelihood of a break-in. Who’s going to mess with a robot security guard? Most importantly, they can be used alongside, or in place of, human security guards and any other fixed sensors to provide complete coverage.

What are the Capabilities of Automated Security Robots?

Automated security robots are usually provided as part of a Robots as a Service (RaaS) solution. RaaS is a rapidly expanding solution to business needs, expected by ABI research to reach 1.3m units per year by 2026. These solutions normally provide the necessary equipment and software, take care of integration, and provide ongoing support.

Artificial Intelligence

Using change detection and predictive analytics, ASRs identify and assess potential threats in real-time, minimizing human bias and eliminating false alarms.


Ideal for businesses of all sizes that can’t commit to taking on more staff or cover the entire space with sensors. So far RaaS has proven to be a scalable cost-effective solution.


ASRs rely on built-in navigation systems to effectively move around an area. This navigation system can be GPS-based whilst outdoors and use contour or visual-based navigation for indoor, GPS-deprived environments.

Robots can be programmed to patrol a set scheduled route or sent on ad-hoc missions and avoid obstacles using 3D scanning technology. Some drones are enabled with infrared illumination to allow them to navigate in poorly lit areas.

Data Collection

ASRs use a combination of tools for data collection including high-definition, infrared and thermal cameras. They can collect essential data about safety and security and also assist with other operational tasks such as inventory counts, compliance audits, and more.


The data from cameras and sensors can be recorded and stored in the cloud or using an on-premises solution, based on customer need. When using the cloud-based system, it can be easily and securely accessed remotely, reducing the need for an on-site staff presence.


The ASR system works alongside and integrates with existing security and building systems to provide a complete security and building management solution.

ASR system

What Benefits Can Autonomous Security Robots Bring to Your Business?

Whilst ASRs cannot completely replace human operators (yet), they can effectively support in-person security forces. An Oxford University study predicted with a very high probability that human security guards will be automated within 20 years.

Here are some of the benefits of adding ASRs to your existing security;

  • Security robots can work alongside human security, increasing capacity and effectiveness.
  • The presence of commercial security drones acts as an effective deterrent to would-be intruders.
  • ASRs are fully mobile and unobtrusive. Autonomous security robots and drones use built-in AI-operated navigation to effortlessly move through complex environments.
  • They can be programmed to patrol on a schedule and on weekends
  • Security patrol robots can work longer hours than their human counterparts and in more challenging conditions (remember, no sleep, no snacks).
  • Automatic analysis removes the need for a physical presence every time an alarm is triggered, saving time and money and a lot of frustration.
  • ASRs reduce the need for fixed cameras, allowing for greater privacy during working hours but without reducing out-of-hours security.
  • Robots can be present in places which are not safe or comfortable for human presence such as machine rooms or laboratories.

Get Your Own Autonomous Robot Security Drone

Want to experience the awesome feeling of knowing that you can leave your offices unmanned because you have your very own team of security drones on the lookout? That’s what you get with Indoor Robotics’ very own Tando, the first of its kind fully autonomous indoor drone fleet.

Tando is an always-on, robot fleet providing complete visual and thermal coverage that keeps your valuable assets safe.

Tando has no bias and is not prone to mistakes humans often make when faced with dull, mundane, and repetitive tasks. It is always on, quietly patrolling the corridors, detering would-be intruders, and providing you with true peace of mind.

So if you’re tired of false alarms and want a smarter and truly flexible safety, security, and maintenance system to keep your business safe 24/7, click here to request your personalized demo.


How Avantis Maximized Its Security and Maintenance Measures with Indoor Drones


Avantis is a software company specializing in efficient monetization suites for software, mobile and website owners. The heart of Avantis’ business success lies in its hardware and software assets making the need for top-notch security ultra-clear to the decision-makers. 

Avantis was looking for an intelligent security suite to protect its valuable assets. The priority was to find an innovative, affordable and efficient solution that would safeguard their safety, office, and sensitive server rooms.

Challenge: Too many false alarms caused by an outdated security system

Companies like Avantis hope for a unicorn when it comes to security. Despite having a small budget, they had to find a comprehensive security and maintenance solution that will protect their valuable assets and keep their servers in optimal conditions even when the AC is acting up. 

Avantis’ security system consisted of 3 stationary CCTV cameras facing entry points as well as motion detectors, smoke and heat sensors, and a standard alarm system. This setup turned into a debacle.

In reality, static cameras that cover entry points alone make it impossible to distinguish between a security breach and a false alarm. Unfortunately, Avantis consistently experienced numerous false alarms during nights and weekends. The fixed cameras forced the IT manager to respond to every alarm by physically going to the office to investigate. 

Aside from dealing with too many false alarms, Avantis also suffered from laptop theft and unmonitored server rooms. Keeping your temperature in server rooms unmonitored can potentially damage the servers storing valuable proprietary data leading to diminished services and disappointed clients. Another fire hazard was created by employees leaving their electric scooters charging unsupervised overnight.

Avantis needed an effective system that would minimize false alarms whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety, security and monitoring.

Solution: Increasing security whilst eliminating false alarms 

Avantis realized that Tando™ met all their requirements and chose Indoor Robotics to safeguard their valuable assets. Avantis found Tando™ to be a flexible real-time security and maintenance solution that met all their needs. 

Using a fleet of autonomous drones to patrol their offices Avantis now has complete visual and thermal coverage and can quickly identify any hazards. Avantis’ drone is programmed to continuously patrol during nights and weekends.

The patented docking Tiles™ allows drones to monitor the entire office without getting in the way, and provide unlimited 360° coverage. Avantis manages the drones from the user-friendly cloud-based Control Bridge to ensure operational compliance.

Benefits:  live 360° view of every corner of the office

Now, Avantis’ IT manager no longer needs to head to the office every time the alarm goes off. Tando’s cameras analyze alarms remotely, quashing false alarms. 

With Tando™ patrolling the halls Avantis gathers and analyzes data about office use and potential hazards on autopilot. All to ensure the highest standard of safety and security at all times. With Tando the risk of fire from unattended charging electric scooters and unwanted intruders is eliminated.

It’s easy to see how a fleet of drones acts as a deterrent to intruders. Imagine looking through the glass doors to the office and seeing a fully automated security drone on patrol, suddenly breaking in doesn’t seem like such a good idea.

But Avantis’ favorite part is the live 360° view of the office at all times. Knowing that Tando is always detecting and assessing potential threats provides real peace of mind even on weekends.


Employee Spotlight:
Meet Gil, Our Head of Software

What are we without our people?
Despite being a robotics company, the one thing we value most is our humans. That’s one of the things Gil kept saying during the interview.

We wanted to shed light on the first employee that joined the team in 2018. So we sat down with Gil to hear what he thinks about Indoor Robotics.

Meet Gil Brudner.
Gil is 34 years old from Rehovot, married +2, going on 3.

So, Gil, what made you join Indoor Robotics?
I know Doron (the CEO) from my previous journey. I had my own idea for an IoT startup. Doron has this open mind and in-depth take on things, so it was only natural he quickly became my go-to person for brainstorming and feedback sessions.

At one point, Doron shared his vision of a fleet of robots that will take over the dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks we humans don’t want to do. He described fleets of various robots moving around us, taking over these mundane tasks. It sounded like science fiction to me. I was completely drawn.

We began meeting at his house to imagine, discuss and draw the system architecture after my day job. Soon after, we started connecting bolts, motors, and propellers, writing some code and actually making robot 1.0 fly. How little did we know back then…. 🙂

When Doron met Amit, they officially established Indoor -Robotics.
To me, joining this journey was a no-brainer.

So now Indoor Robotics is an official company, now what?
Doron, Amit, and I are Software people. However, we all bring different things to the table. Doron is the one with experience in cool fields like rockets and satellites.

At first, our journey was guided mainly by the general direction we wanted to create. We dived into many theories, disciplines, and fields. As the pieces began falling into place, we began to bring people to complement our knowledge. That’s how we brought Doron’s science fiction vision to life.

What does your day-to-day look like as Head of Software?
No dull moments.

The Software group is comprised of several disciplines, including low and high-level Embedded, Fullstack, DevOps teams with high coding standards and a sense of responsibility.
That is actually one of the best things at Indoor Robotics – we get to touch so many exciting disciplines.

That is yet another reason we ended up with so many patents. No wonder. We created an autonomous flying robot that docks on the ceiling!

Talk to me about the inter-team dynamic? What if people from different disciplines want to learn something new?
It’s another benefit of being a small company. I mean, a software developer won’t solder stuff, at least not for the company’s use (it took me a while to get over the disappointment). But yes, everyone learns from each other. Everyone is very open to teaching, explaining, and collaborating.

I love exploring things beyond my field. I learned some new things about electronics that I didn’t know before.

Lastly, one of the things we check for in interviews is how candidates see the big picture. It is great to interview a professional candidate in their field. Still, it’s essential to examine their system-wide stance on how things work—specifically, creative technical out-of-the-box thinking.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?
I think it’s the combination of the super interesting technical challenges and our group of smart people working together to tackle those challenges.

I love that everyone feels comfortable asking questions, suggesting, consulting, collaborating, and finding clever solutions to the most challenging questions. Everyone can and is encouraged to contribute to our quest for finding answers.

The technical challenges at Indoor Robotics are fascinating. We’re designing new hardware, inventing software, and integrating those using cutting-edge technologies and methodologies.
After all, we are making robots fly! What’s not to like?

What’s unique about Indoor Robotics today?
Do you mean except the fact that we actually make flying robots? And change the world paradigms about data collection, security, and indoor inspection and monitoring?
The next thing is the company’s DNA. We managed to combine a group of skilled, creative, curious, driven, passionate, and FUN people!

It sounds like you’re all very close. Do you meet outside of work too?
Yes, after-work beer, weekend with the kids. I find myself hanging out with people I debated with about capacity and ideas during the week at the park with our families on a Saturday.

It can’t all be rainbows and butterflies. Talk to me about the daily challenges at Indoor Robotics.
Like any other startup, we go through intense times.
We’re in the process of installing our robots for some big clients in Israel and North America.

Our team just flew to the other side of the globe to ensure that everything ticks, while the team here provides around-the-clock support.

To me, this shows how devoted our people are. Intense sprints occur, and we expect our people to be fully on board. You can tell by their actions and willingness to do whatever it takes to win. Every member of our team believes in Indoor -Robotics and Tando.

I don’t think we have a software developer that only writes code. Everyone is involved in every step of the process.

Another challenge is market education. Remember that scene from the movie Passengers? When the only people that woke up were sitting in the dining room? Suddenly something breaks, and a few robots come out of their hidden stations to complete their specific tasks, clean, and go back to their stations. It may look like another scene from a sci-fi movie for most people, but for us at Indoor Robotics, it’s how our reality will look like soon.

There are also technical challenges, of course, but we’ll keep that to our next blog post 🙂

What tv show or movie are you ashamed to admit you love?
It’s not that I am ashamed to admit it, but the fact I know the whole transcript of Ace Ventura 2 might look odd to some…

What 3 things will you take with you to an island?
Water, flour and yeast. I can definitely survive with those.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
Easy, I want to be the “Covidnator”, which is of course the covid terminator (I’m conducting this interview from my 6th quarantine).

What is one food that you cannot resist?
I would have to go with Krembo, lots of it…

What do you like to do when you aren’t working? (if there is such a thing)
I love hiking with the family.

What’s your message to future Indoor Robotics employees?
In my view, being a highly-skilled full-stack developer or a bright data scientist is excellent, but it’s not always enough.
I’m looking for curious, passionate, creative, and kind people with a broad perspective and understanding of how things work. That’s how you will be not just a great professional but an asset to every company.