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Empower your space

State-of-the-art automated security robot that combines the accuracy of sensors, visibility of cameras, the flexibility of drones, and mobility of humans

Our Technology


Tando™ is a self-navigating AI-based security robot drone that monitors and alerts you about intruders, security breaches, safety issues, and potential hazards while eliminating false alarms. Tando™ is a flexible, efficient, and future-proof security solution for commercial spaces.
While not in flight, Tando™ docks on the ceiling, serving as a security camera.



Tile™ is our patented ceiling-mounted docking & charging station. Tile™ is designed to support Tando™’s zero breaks schedule so Tando™ can monitor and inspect your space for security, safety, and maintenance issues even while charging. Tando™ can “hop” from Tile™ to Tile™ to cover large spaces more efficiently.


The Control

Control Bridge is the brain that manages Tando™’s operations. Create new missions and schedules, launch ad-hoc missions and get alerts on events, detections and changes customed to your needs. The Control bridge SW easily connects to any building system and other IoT devices.

Stay always in control


Utterly Flexible

Tando’s intelligence, accurate and efficient mapping makes it the perfect fit for every space. We made sure to integrate with multiple systems to make building security & maintenance management more efficient.

Smart Security

Unlike humans, drones are designed to handle repetitive tasks like monitoring, patrolling, and identifying dangers and leaks a human operator can confirm remotely. Plus, drones never get tired and don’t need breaks.

Future Proof

It’s easy and affordable to upgrade or add new state-of-the-art sensor hardware on drones that cover larger spaces than to fully upgrade fixed sensors and camera infrastructure.

Built to Scale

Whether you need one drone or a fleet, scaling is easy and is more affordable than other solutions on the market.


Your fleet of fully autonomous robot drones operates on your schedule studying and capturing critical indoor data.

Around the clock

Tando runs 24/7, detecting changes using visual and thermal coverage and analyzing trends using advanced AI-based predictive analytics.


Empower your space today!

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