Meet Tando™,
the Autonomous Indoor Drone

State-of-the-art automated security robot that combines the accuracy of sensors, visibility of cameras, the flexibility of drones, and mobility of humans


Utterly Flexible

Tando™’s intelligence, accurate and efficient mapping makes it the perfect fit for every space. We made sure to integrate with multiple systems to make building security & maintenance management more efficient.

Smart Security

Unlike humans, drones are designed to handle repetitive tasks like monitoring, patrolling, and identifying dangers and leaks a human operator can confirm remotely. Plus, drones never get tired and don’t need breaks.

Future Proof

It’s easy and affordable to upgrade or add new state-of-the-art sensor hardware on drones that cover larger spaces than to fully upgrade fixed sensors and camera infrastructure.

Built to Scale

Whether you need one drone or a fleet, scaling is easy and is more affordable than other solutions on the market.

  • Control Bridge

    Control Bridge is the brain that manages Tando™’s operations. Create new missions and schedules, launch ad-hoc missions and get alerts on events, detections and changes customed to your needs. The Control bridge SW easily connects to any building system and other IoT devices.

  • Tile™

    Tile™ is our patented ceiling-mounted docking & charging station. Tile™ is designed to support Tando™’s zero breaks schedule so Tando™ can monitor and inspect your space for security, safety, and maintenance issues even while charging. Tando™ can “hop” from Tile™ to Tile™ to cover large spaces more efficiently.

  • Fully autonomous

    • Indoor data collection
    • Robot fleet
    • Patrol schedule
  • Around the clock

    • Complete visual and thermal coverage
    • AI-based predictive analytics
    • Change detection and trend analysis
  • Easily integrates with

    • Existing security systems
    • Remote monitoring solutions
    • Building management systems