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Hi We’re Indoor Robotics

Enabling a seamless, comfortable, indoor experience


We’re a group of passionate robotics enthusiasts with a vision of higher quality of life made possible with the help of task-oriented robots.

The way we see it, robots should handle the mundane, dirty, and dangerous tasks we humans aren’t good at or simply don’t want to do.

Building a robot requires passion, creativity, and teamwork as we integrate various disciplines into the first-of-its-kind autonomous indoor drone fleet, including software, hardware, and algorithms.

We print, saw, and solder hardware until it has bent to our will to achieve this sci-fi-sounding future. We push software beyond its limits daily with the power of innovative thought and raw passion for bringing our vision to life.

Focusing on staying innovative, providing value to our customers is one of our top priorities, which is why Tando is designed to be future-proof. Our engineers, developers, and robotics experts often collaborate in synergy to solve glitches and daily technological challenges. They won’t stop until we find a holistic solution that will last for years.

We’re committed to building robots so we can stay focused on what we care about most, our loved ones. Every day, we dive into various exciting disciplines to break through boundaries and achieve discoveries that take us closer to our envisioned reality—one step at a time.

Our company is the first to commercially install fully autonomous indoor drone fleets that offer security, safety and maintenance inspection in buildings, data centers, warehouses and retail spaces.

We’re a robotics company that places being human first. Nothing is more critical than relationships and a sense of community among our employees and clients.


Our North Star


Be Human

Despite our love for building robots, we prefer working with humans. Our robot creation success depends on human factors like communication, compassion, curiosity, personal responsibility, and open-mindedness.

Be a Pro

We do groundbreaking work, which requires out-of-the-box thinking to accomplish our goals. This involves a lot of creativity and innovation to develop ways to bend hardware and software to our will. If you feel there’s a conference or a course that can propel you forward, we’re happy to help.

Team Player

Redesigning the future requires a lot of brainpower. So we believe joining the brilliant minds of the super team that builds robots  that’ll make our life easier has to be a team player. 

Customer focus

We care about our customers, which is why we want to offer an exceptional and affordable solution. We strive to provide our clients with solutions that save them time and money while enhancing their safety & security.


To redesign the future of robotics, you must be passionate. Passionate about learning, experimenting , and overcoming complex hardware and software challenges. Have we mentioned robots? You got to be passionate about robotics.

Enjoy the ride!

You’re about to be an integral part of a unique yet challenging journey that requires patience and perseverance. Enjoy the ride, and don’t forget to take care of your mental health. You’re paving the future of indoor robotics.


We Fly Global

With offices and partners around the globe, support is always one call away.


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