Use Cases

Complete, accurate, and flexible remote monitoring of indoor spaces 24/7 for efficient maintenance, safety, and security

Tando is designed to efficiently handle tedious, repetitive tasks to reduce false alarms, cost and risks in various environments

Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings

Security & facility managers worldwide face the challenge of doing more with less. They have to manage software, people, and building maintenance to ensure the security and safety of building habitants while providing an excellent daily working experience. The autonomous indoor robot drone monitors, inspects, and protects buildings with one-fifth of the existing budget.  

Dispatch the autonomous robot drone for the following:

  • Remote monitoring –  state-of-the-art sensors and cameras monitor and inspect leaks, temperature, hazards, and can detect intruders remotely, even while charging.
  • Facility manager’s assistant – Tando the autonomous robot drone serves as eyes and ears to make coordinating daily security, safety, and maintenance tasks efficient and accurate. 
  • Security officer – the autonomous indoor robot drone doesn’t take breaks. Instead, it helps security officers to constantly monitor the facility and ensure full coverage. Identify and resolve issues in real time and eliminate false alarms.


Warehouse security officers have a lot on their plate. They must monitor security issues, control access, check on alarms, and escort visitors. Protected spaces are far less likely to become victims of theft, unauthorized access, or vandalism. Indoor Robotics’ fleet of drones in the warehouse can do much more with a lower budget and higher accuracy.

While Tando™’s indoor drone patrols your warehouse, it can support 3 roles:

  • Security officer – control access and monitor for potential security issues. Patrol and serve as a visual deterrent to criminals while detecting intruders, immediately responding to alarms, and monitoring doors in susceptible areas. It can even accompany visitors. 
  • Safety manager – ongoing inspection of various elements such as shelving structure, fire and water systems, emergency evacuation, and industrial system monitoring (e.g., read specific meters, etc.)
  • Warehouse manager – examine and manage shelves, inventory, and initiate spot checks.
Data Centers

Data Centers

Data centers require vigilant monitoring and inspection to ensure data halls and service areas remain cool, intact and operational at all times. Safety and security issues can cause significant downtime, impact service level, and result in massive financial damages.   

Our security patrol robots cover the following tasks:

  • Enhanced protection -drones patrol the data halls and service areas spotting unauthorized intruders, validating alarms, enabling complete remote monitoring.  
  • Virtual escort – send robots instead of people to high-security areas whenever possible, but if there is no alternative, the robot can accompany human visitors. 
  • Safety inspection – state-of-the-art sensors and intelligent cameras constantly monitor visible dangers like  fires, leaks and power outage issues. 
  • Thermal assessment – our drones are equipped with sensitive thermal sensors, constantly inspecting the thermal profile of server racks, generators and electricity cabinets to identify potential anomalies vs. the desired state. 
Malls & Retail

Malls & Retail

Malls and retail stores have diverse needs, from maintenance to safety, security, and cleaning large and frequently-used spaces. Thanks to 24/7 data collections and analytics software, Indoor Robotics’ indoor surveillance drone provides all of the above and more in real-time.

  • Security tasks – our indoor drone security fleet patrols all areas on a tight schedule, detecting intruders, validating false alarms, and alerting the status of doors.
  • Safety inspection – while patrolling through the property, the drone-mounted intelligent sensors can pick up fires and leaks and trigger emergency evacuation inspections. 
  • Daily maintenance – our indoor surveillance drones can alert cleaning crews and assist maintenance professionals 
  • Data collection and retail analytics – collecting data and providing up-to-date analytics can help with daily operational tasks such as planogram, compliance, pricing, and out-of-stock alerts.