Choose a job that will have you flying out of bed each morning

If you can’t help but look at the world from a different perspective.

If you’re always seeing things that others can’t see Then you belong with us.

We are Indoor Robotics, and we harness the power of robotics to provide a pioneering
indoor flying platform for intelligent management of smart buildings.

We are looking for people who when they look up, can see beyond the ceiling.

Wanna hop on board?

Here is what our employees say about working at Indoor Robotics

  • I grew up admiring Isaac Asimov, I will always remember the 4 rules of robotics. Joining Indoor Robotics was like being a kid all over again, everyday is an adventure, full of fun and games, after all, we are flying robots.

    Shahar Friede, Director of operations

  • Combining software, hardware and innovation with a passion for autonomous machines makes every day seem as if it was taken straight out of a sci-fi novel. In developing cutting-edge robotic systems with our super-talented team at Indoor Robotics, I am thrilled to be helping to introduce robots into human environments and solve real world problems!

    Gil Brunder, Head of Software

  • I joined Indoor robotics 18 months ago as a mechanical design engineer, it’s a crazy journey and I am very excited about where we are going with our technology.

    Ofir Yadan, Mechanical Design Engineer

  • I joined Indoor Robotics three years ago as an Algorithm Engineer. I was always passionate about robotics, especially about flying robots. At Indoor, I love to see that my ideas immediately influence the company’s product and help make it better.

    Svetlana Potyagaylo, Senior Algorithm Engineer