Why are we installing Tando™?

Tando™ allows us to provide the highest standard in safety & security. Tando™ is equipped with a 360° RGB camera and a thermal imaging sensor, allowing it to detect and report anomalies. Tando™ can integrate with existing building systems and remote operation centers, and can eliminate false alarms by first responding to any sensor alert on premises, which in return increases peace of mind.

Is it safe to stand beneath Tando™?

It is perfectly safe to stand beneath Tando ™ while it is docked. However, to prevent unexpected issues it is not recommended to stand there. In case you stand underneath the docking Tile ™ for over 5 sec, the system will sound an alarm to indicate you should move. We’ve also marked the area with a floor sticker to make it easy to detect.

Is it safe to be around Tando™ while it is on a mission?

Tando is equipped with on-board obstacle avoidance technology and can avoid people or objects that get in its way. As Tando is operating only after work hours, we do not expect this to occur. If for some reason you are around when Tando ™ is on a mission, please move aside and try not to stand in its way until it completes its mission. In any case, do not try to touch it.

Can Tando™ work with people around?

Based on extensive testing, it is perfectly safe to work with Tando™ in the room. However, Tando™ is only active after hours when there are no people on the premises.

Am I recorded via Tando™ ‘s camera?

Similar to regular security cameras, Tando™ adheres to strict privacy regulations. While docked and during work hours, the system does not stream or record any video.

What should I do if I hear an alarm from the docking station?

As the drone is released after work hours, you might hear an audible notification. That sound is initiated 3 seconds before releasing Tando™ for its monitoring tasks. Please note, in case you’re working late and hear the alarm, please don’t stand in close proximity to the drone or the docking Tile™.

Will Tando ™ fall from its docking Tile in case of a power shutdown?

Tando ™ does not rely on power in order to stay docked. The docking is performed using earth magnets. In case of a power outage, Tando ™ remains safely docked on the Tile ™.

What communication method is used to stream data? What if communication is lost?

Tando is using the Wi-Fi network communication to stream the data. It does not rely on communication in order to navigate and complete its mission. In case communication is lost, Tando records the mission data on-board and transmits it once communication is regained.

Does the system emit any radiation?

Tando ™ is using a standard Wi-Fi network and does not pose any radiation risk.

Is Tando™ noisy?

As Tando™ is using a standard quadcopter technology to overcome gravity, its propellers generate most of the noise. This noise ranges between 80dB-90dB, similar to an industrial vacuum cleaner, which
some might feel is annoying or irritating. However, the drone operates only at night after work hours when people are not in the office.