Avantis is a software company specializing in efficient monetization suites for software, mobile and website owners. The heart of Avantis’ business success lies in its hardware and software assets making the need for top-notch security ultra-clear to the decision-makers. 

Avantis was looking for an intelligent security suite to protect its valuable assets. The priority was to find an innovative, affordable and efficient solution that would safeguard their safety, office, and sensitive server rooms.

Challenge: Too many false alarms caused by an outdated security system

Companies like Avantis hope for a unicorn when it comes to security. Despite having a small budget, they had to find a comprehensive security and maintenance solution that will protect their valuable assets and keep their servers in optimal conditions even when the AC is acting up. 

Avantis’ security system consisted of 3 stationary CCTV cameras facing entry points as well as motion detectors, smoke and heat sensors, and a standard alarm system. This setup turned into a debacle.

In reality, static cameras that cover entry points alone make it impossible to distinguish between a security breach and a false alarm. Unfortunately, Avantis consistently experienced numerous false alarms during nights and weekends. The fixed cameras forced the IT manager to respond to every alarm by physically going to the office to investigate. 

Aside from dealing with too many false alarms, Avantis also suffered from laptop theft and unmonitored server rooms. Keeping your temperature in server rooms unmonitored can potentially damage the servers storing valuable proprietary data leading to diminished services and disappointed clients. Another fire hazard was created by employees leaving their electric scooters charging unsupervised overnight.

Avantis needed an effective system that would minimize false alarms whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety, security and monitoring.

Solution: Increasing security whilst eliminating false alarms 

Avantis realized that Tando™ met all their requirements and chose Indoor Robotics to safeguard their valuable assets. Avantis found Tando™ to be a flexible real-time security and maintenance solution that met all their needs. 

Using a fleet of autonomous drones to patrol their offices Avantis now has complete visual and thermal coverage and can quickly identify any hazards. Avantis’ drone is programmed to continuously patrol during nights and weekends.

The patented docking Tiles™ allows drones to monitor the entire office without getting in the way, and provide unlimited 360° coverage. Avantis manages the drones from the user-friendly cloud-based Control Bridge to ensure operational compliance.

Benefits:  live 360° view of every corner of the office

Now, Avantis’ IT manager no longer needs to head to the office every time the alarm goes off. Tando’s cameras analyze alarms remotely, quashing false alarms. 

With Tando™ patrolling the halls Avantis gathers and analyzes data about office use and potential hazards on autopilot. All to ensure the highest standard of safety and security at all times. With Tando the risk of fire from unattended charging electric scooters and unwanted intruders is eliminated.

It’s easy to see how a fleet of drones acts as a deterrent to intruders. Imagine looking through the glass doors to the office and seeing a fully automated security drone on patrol, suddenly breaking in doesn’t seem like such a good idea.

But Avantis’ favorite part is the live 360° view of the office at all times. Knowing that Tando is always detecting and assessing potential threats provides real peace of mind even on weekends.