How do we guarantee unparalleled safety and reliability?

How accurate are our models?

And what emerging trends in AI should you be preparing for right now?

Amit Moran answers these questions and more at the Red Beard Summit 2024, diving into the role of AI in enhancing robotics and automation. 

Participating Panelists:

– Elana Gold (Dickman), Partner, Red Beard Ventures

– Guilhem Herail, Founder/CEO, Hermes Robotics

– Amit Moran, Co-founder/COO, Indoor Robotics

Main Topics:

– Intelligent Drones, self-driving cars, and the potential AI presents for robotics

– AI for security and wider applications beyond the current familiar uses

– Retrofitting vehicles for autonomous driving

– Ethics and how the convergence of AI and robotics affect defense and civilian uses

– The potential and pitfalls as AI reshapes our world