Over the next 5 years, $80Bn is expected to go into RaaS technologies to make our indoor spaces safer and more secure. $20Bn will be spent on service robots and drones in the next few years, proving that indoor spaces need analytics and automation such as robots to optimize the environment for building managers and visitors.

Robots as a service can enhance the indoor experience greatly. Service robots are much better at keeping the same “level of enthusiasm” while doing repetitive tasks. They are great at doing the same thing over and over, without ever getting tired or losing focus.

Plenty of repetitive business tasks can be “outsourced” to robots that will make your business efficient while making your people happier. For example, commercial security drones save the need to rush every time an alarm goes off.

The Robots as a Service business model allows businesses to use high-tech automated technology with a monthly subscription service to “rent” out drones for commercial use.

Robots can complete many business functions, but before we get into it and the many benefits RaaS (robots as a service) offers, let’s be clear on the basics. 

What is Robots as a Service (RaaS) ?

Before thinking about how you can use Robots as a Service within your business, it is first essential to understand RaaS. Adding robots or automation to your business reduces the amount of human input needed. This reduces costs and mistakes, making your business run better. Instead of tying up large amounts of capital, your business can integrate robots into their business for a monthly fee.

RaaS provides the robots, software, and ongoing support needed to set up and maintain service robots. Robot as a service business model can provide various support, including securing and inspecting large spaces.

The best thing about RaaS is that you don’t need to spend a fortune buying and maintaining expensive robot equipment. Businesses of all sizes can use these services to improve efficiency and reduce the costs involved in day-to-day operations. All while having an expert team to help with set-up and maintenance.

Why should you consider RaaS for your business?

Integrating robots into your business offers many advantages in terms of cost, efficiency, and streamlining operations. It also eliminates the dangers that hide in the various dead zones fixed cameras can’t see. Most robots are future-proof, allowing for easy upgrades and making sure you always use the best quality sensors as technology advances. On top of eliminating human errors, RaaS provides the people that operate the business peace of mind and reliable support in many aspects. 

Here are at least 4 reasons why RaaS belongs in your business: 

Ever-changing Business Needs & Privacy Compliance

Business needs are constantly changing, and with that, you need flexibility. You may wish to expand your operations or set up a new office space. Using a subscription service, you can adjust the coverage based on your needs with pay-as-you-go service.

Imagine the staff from your office changing to remote work, a very likely scenario in the current world. Rather than worrying about the safety, security, and maintenance of the expensive equipment and servers in your office or data center, you can rest easy knowing your trusted sensor-packed robot is keeping an eye on things until you’re back. These robots can also be programmed to patrol specific spaces only after hours to avoid violating people’s privacy while keeping designated areas secure. 

Or you gain a new client and need to increase your warehouse space and hire more guards. Instead, you can add drones to your security fleet. You can integrate hi-tech commercial indoor security drones into existing systems to ensure your site is secure. 

All-Inclusive – No Surprise Costs

For any business, unexpected costs can cause real difficulties. As part of the agreement with the service provider, 100% of maintenance costs are included in the subscription.

You can plan for the future of your business, optimizing your capital and reducing the need for reserves.

Your vendor will also want to keep your service robotics well maintained. They will want to look after the equipment as they still own it. Keeping the equipment well maintained means it is less likely to fail, which is excellent for avoiding downtime for your business.

Increased Efficiency from Automation

Automation and robotics allow your business to reduce downtime and increase productivity. Robots don’t need breaks and are always working at 100% capacity. They don’t get sick or make mistakes as humans sometimes do. Plus, they don’t need training. For example, autonomous indoor drone services keep your site secure 24/7, 365 days per year, with no downtime. Security guards can become very expensive over time, and integrating these autonomous systems can be a great way to reduce costs while keeping security standards high.

Some service robotics use advanced Artificial Intelligence systems to monitor business premises continually. If they detect any anomalies, they can alert a member of staff that there is an issue that needs to be inspected. Giving the ability to monitor alarms remotely also decreases costs and frustration associated with false alarms.

Imagine automated security robots patrolling the premises with zero breaks and sick days. Think about the cost savings and increased efficiency you and your security team could enjoy.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Your RaaS provider has in-depth knowledge about the latest technology and will keep your systems up-to-date. They provide technical services and reduce technician costs.

RaaS providers will know if a new product or update is a good fit for your business and will implement the right changes for you. All this without your employees lifting a finger.

The robotics field is ever-changing. Using a RaaS provider means that you will always have access to the latest and most up-to-date technology.

Some of the biggest firms in the world, such as Microsoft and Google, know this is where the world is going, so they are developing their own AI and Robotics software. Using RaaS ensures you’re always enjoying the latest technology and innovation.