Fully Autonomous Indoor Drone Fleet. Everywhere. All the Time. 

Indoor Robotics combines the advantages
of innovative technology and human mobility
to provide AI operated security system of
the highest standard

Indoor Robotics Solution
  • Control Bridge

    Control Bridge is the management software that lets you manage Tando™’s activities, schedule, mapping, and permissions. Control Bridge easily integrates with existing building systems and rmote operation centers.

  • Tando™

    Indoor Robotics’ flexible, efficient, and future proof security solution. Tando™’s mobility and advanced capabilities make securing any facility easy. Independent AI based technology manages navigation, monitoring, and alerts you to intruders, security breaches, safety issues, and potential hazards while eliminating false alarms.

The Leading Smart Security Solution for

See Tando™ in Action

Create Peace of Mind

  • Reduce


    • False alarms
    • Biases & human error
    • Time to resolution
    • Costs
  • Increase


    • Accuracy and quality of security work
    • Visibility without invading privacy
    • Compliance
    • Automation
    • Operational efficiency
    • Deterrence

Are you a robotics enthusiast? That’s great because Indoor Robotics is actively hiring passionate professionals that want to make a difference.