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Constantly Vigilant
Indoor Drone Fleet

Fully autonomous platform for security, inspection and operational tasks. Anywhere, Anytime.

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Indoor Intelligence

  • Cloud-based SW platform powered by AI
  • Manages the drone fleet
  • Detects and predicts irregularities and hazards
  • Autonomously perfects operational compliance


  • Fully autonomous data collection indoors
  • Fully autonomous, always on, drone fleet providing complete visual and thermal coverage
  • Patent-based ceiling docking station
  • Easily integrated, with existing security, operational and building management systems
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Tando offers real-time quality coverage, AI based predictive analytics and access to data history. This eliminates false alarms, improves decision making on-the-go and minimizes margins of error


Full automation of data collection services and analysis tasks. Tando independently performs the difficult, dull, dangerous and dirty tasks. Never tired, ensuring consistent quality and mitigating safety & security risks


Tando Platform As a Service (PAAS) ensures scalable, cost effective operation which reduces your coverage cost per square foot. Cut costs while increasing operational efficiency

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Create Peace of Mind


  • Consistent quality of security work
  • Visibility without invading privacy
  • Audit and compliance
  • Process automation and operational efficiency


  • Cost of running operations
  • False alarms
  • Time to resolution