Indoor Robotics is thrilled to win the 2022 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards (RBR50).

The RBR50 awards honor technology, business, and market innovations, as well as the robotics and automation organizations worldwide. The RBR50 list celebrates forward-thinking organizations and their original, impactful creations. Indoor Robotics’ Tando™ was nominated under the technology, services, and research innovation class, highlighting new commercial solutions that have the potential to impact markets and / or the whole robotics sector.

“There are lots of advantages Tando has over a human security guard. Tando is able to work around the clock, constantly monitoring visually and with thermal sensors. Drones are good at repetitive tasks, like monitoring and patrolling. Tando is able to identify dangers or leaks and alert a human monitor who can verify it remotely… Overall, Tando is a smart security solution that ensures constant and persistent monitoring.” – Brianna Wessling, Analyst.

We hold more than a dozen patents for our breakthrough technology incorporating hardware, software, algorithms, and AI; you can learn more here on the Tando Platform.

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