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Meet Tile™

A ceiling-mounted docking and charging station for any IoT device.

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Charging Station


Dock and charge any fixed or portable sensors like cameras, thermal sensors, robots, and more to ensure your sensors are always on.

No Other


Tile™ is a patented sensor agnostic docking station that makes it 
easy to dock and remove any IoT sensors on any Tile

Easy Integration


Tile™ can easily be integrated with any building management system, including video management, access control, HVAC, as well as fire and water systems.

Ad Hoc


Ensure everlasting privacy and compliance with your ability to add and remove sensors with our magnetic ad-hoc Tile™. Perfect for locations that require the flexibility of ad-hoc monitoring and inspection throughout the day.

Multiple Tile™ support


Unlimited number of Tile™ in the facility enables broad and flexible multi-sensor coverage daily. The magnetic feature makes removing and docking IoT devices smooth and easy. Docked devices collect data and charge while docked.

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