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Robotics Algorithm Engineer - Student

Ramat Gan , IL


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” - Arthur C. Clarke 

At Indoor Robotics we believe in a world that operates autonomously around us to facilitate our lives and fulfill our needs. We build next-generation robots (ground and flying) for indoor usage. More specifically we design, develop and produce autonomous, aware, mobile and affordable robots that solve real-world problems in indoor scenarios. We strive to create a physical infrastructure and middleware for indoor robots that can navigate the indoor space, understand their environment and execute real-time missions.

We are currently looking for a fantastic team member to join us to invent and produce the best quality robotics products for consumers and professionals.

You will join us in developing the brain of the robot. You’ll need to analyze vast amounts of data and develop automatic tools to optimize performance and understand irregularities.

By joining our Algorithmic group, you will have broad responsibility and the ability to affect every aspect of the system, and many options to grow with the company.


  1. Currently studies Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Eng or equivalent (at least 1 year left).
  2. Demonstrated experience with Python and understands Object Oriented programming.
  3. Accomplished at least one robotics-oriented course (Intro to Control Theory,  Intro to Robotics, Path planning, SLAM, or equivalent).
  4. Have a strong passion for unmanned system development and application.
  5. Ability to work under pressure and complete tasks on time.
  6. Team player (We are all sharing one space).
  7. Minimal 2 days a week.
  8. GPA 80+.

Preferred Skills/Experiences: 

  1. Experience in ROS.
  2. Knowledge of C/C++. 
  3. Experience with Linux/Bash scripting.

Got what it takes?

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